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“Do what you love”. “Do what you’re passionate about”. That’s the classic advice you hear and read when it comes to pursuing or changing a career. The basic principle that guides you to decide what to do with your life. It’s an evergreen advice because it supports the idea that when you’re doing what you love and passionate about, the job doesn’t feel like work. But this advice is based on being on a emotional state when deciding what you’re going to dedicate your life to.

Dream jobs feel like “dreams” because they’re not part of your daily routine. The spontaneity of doing things rather than the things you’re doing, feels good because they’re not imposed by an outside source. When you pick up that guitar, write in your blog or anything you like to do in you’re spare time, you get that little emotional spark and that thought of the possibility that maybe you can “get serious with this”. This can come from you or other people feeling impressed with your “talent”, but this really comes when being in that blissful state called spontaneity.

Routine is the mother of boredom. That’s probably the number one reason why people hate their jobs. Sure, you would like to be doing something else, but what has you yearning for that dream job is that boring schedule that’s slowly killing your soul. Waking in the morning, doing your thing, going to lunch break, getting out, rinse and repeat everyday. You feel like a slave to someone else’s destiny. That’s why owning your own business or writing up that novel seem so sexy.

The problem with doing what you love is the belief that you’re not going to have to “work”. People don’t take those things they do in their spare time out of the hobby level because to get better overall and succeed with them, routines and schedules have to be established. That’s why dream jobs stay at dreams. That fun play that comes with spontaneity dies. Love and passion stop being necessary when it comes to practicing.

I’ve been unemployed for a couple of months now and been starting creative little projects since I have so much free time. This blog is the latest thing I’ve been involving myself with. It has felt really good because there’s been some improvement in my writing. Every day I’ve been getting that “fix” that people that are involved in creative endeavors strive for. But I know deep down that as soon as I get a job or if this blog reaches some mild success, the pressure will start to burn. 

I guess I’m writing this as much for myself as to anybody reading this. You should prepare yourself for receiving pressure, expectation and stress no matter what job. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue what you love or feel passionate about, but you should prepare yourself for when you stop feeling loving and passionate. Overall, you should pursue that thing that you rather be doing, because is better to try to do it, than to never know if you could of done it.