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Structured Procrastination

I’ve always felt bad for being a procrastinator, but I’ve slowly learned not to be too tough on myself. David Allen, the GTD founder, once said in a interview, “procrastination is not about not doing, is about not doing and feeling crappy about it”. It isn’t that procrastinators don’t do anything, (if that’s happening, you’re probably clinically depressed) because we do many things. The problem is that we suck at deadlines and get distracted by the seemingly unimportant. This article helps you structure it in a very creative way.

Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever Learned? Surrender to this Algorithm

This is an article that Wired ran in their “Get Smarter” May issue. It’s about Piotr Wozniak and his learning software called Supermemo which is based on the spaced repetition learning tecnique. Probably one the most powerful “mind hacks”, but something that could turn into an obsession.

Dangerous Ideas: Getting Started is Overrated

If you have read some of my posts, you’ll notice that I like to challenge conventional wisdoms. This is an article that challenges the advice of “just get started” and suggest that the initial alternative of studying your options and thinking before submitting to action might be a better idea.