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The Patchwork Years

The writer of this article asks and ponders if “link blogs” have reached their end and usefulness. He looks at sites like Boing Boing and writes, “we like it when Cory and Xeni are the copy/paste editors for the internet, but we like it better when Cory writes a book and Xeni makes an episode of BoingBoingTV.” It’s a call to arms to bloggers or anybody producing content online to stand up and say, “these are the post-curation years”.

How to Measure Your Degree of Persistence

I’ve already linked to this article in a previous blog post, but I think it deserves it’s proper context. Everyone knows that to succeed at something in life, we must be persistent and be motivated. The problem is that we tend to value more the motivation factor than the persistence factor. Motivation is important, but your “persistence ratio” is way much more important in the long run.


This one is pretty simple. We need to stop adding so many features to a site, specially blogs. Digg buttons, ads, Twitter streams, Friendfeed streams, etc. Too much “debris”.