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To Blog, Or Not to Blog – That Is the Question

There’s been some talk around the blogosphere that Blogging has lost its way. People are giving up on it and some think they’re not as valuable as before. Most of the arguments is on how big blogging has become and the change from the personal amateur blog to the professional staff blogging. The post is a guest post by Jesse Stay over at louisgray.com. He agrees that blogging has changed quite a bit, but believes that there’s still a lot a value in them. He offers wonderful advice and tips on things to do to stay relevant.

How to Write with Style – By Kurt Vonnegut

With this one, I’m just going to put the list, but I highly recommend clicking the link and reading it completely.

  1. Find a Subject You Care About
  2. Do Not Ramble, Though
  3. Keep it Simple
  4. Have Guts to Cut
  5. Sound Like Yourself
  6. Say What You Mean
  7. Pity The Readers

Can You Become a Creature of New Habits

This one an oldie, but a goodie. It was published in the NY Times in May of this year. Like the title says, it deal with habits and how to add new ones. However, it also states that old habits, be them positive or negative, are probably impossible to get rid of. The trick is to always add new ones and be in the “stretch zone” of change.