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I waited excited with anticipation to see this movie. There are many reasons why I been psyched up to see it. It’s been the trailers with the Joker, the reviews embracing it, the viral marketing videos and the fact that Batman Begins was absurdly great. Even though I tried to avoid like hell reading any review, I couldn’t escape such statements as “The Godfather Part II of Batman movies” or “The Empire Strikes Back of the Batman franchise”. Let’s just say the hype is totally justified.

This film deals with the classic Batman dilemma; vigilantes are not appreciated that much. The Bat is wanted for breaking the law. The crime in Gotham is worse than ever. There’s a funny scene where there’s a guy dressed like Batman trying to catch a criminal, but the real Bat ends up saving him. Things are not good in the city and most of the blame goes to Batman. There’s a little hope though, with District Attorney Harvey Dent trying to do some good, but the city is so morally rotten and corrupt that I doesn’t make that much difference. Add the Joker stirring up things and you get a pretty ugly picture on your hands.

Heath Ledger as the Joker is so intensely powerful in the film. He’s like Fight Club’s Tyler Durden or Hannibal Lecter. Funny, even likable, but completely out of his mind. His ideas and dialog put you in a trance. His chaos and amoral theory’s sometimes even make sense, breaking down everyone he encounters and almost the Bat himself. He’s the kind of criminal you don’t wanna listen to. He really steal’s the show and it’s hard to view it as a Harvey Dent/Two Face story.

There’s a lot of talk about the realism in this film. I guess that’s because it feels more like a crime drama than a “superhero” movie. It deals with the thin line of good and evil. The scene when the Joker takes a hostage, films him and it’s broadcast on GCN feels familiarly disturbing. But you can only push reality too far. Where still dealing with a movie about a guy dressed in a high tech bat suit that can glide in the air with his cape.

It seems logical and completely expected that a third one would be made, but I don’t know how could they bring back the Joker. If they do make it, it would obviously deal with Harvey Dent. There are many interesting stories to be told and a collection of Arkham Asylum crazy villains that could work, but I’m pretty much sure nothing is gonna top The Dark Knight. And I hope, for the love of god, that they don’t bring Dr. Freeze into these films.