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Reclaim Time by Unscheduling Arbitrary Tasks

I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of Time Management and how the GTD methodology deals with it. GTD teaches that you should only schedule things that need to happen, and only happen, on a specific day and a specific time. The calendar should only be a “hard landscape”. When and what to do decisions of everything else are based on four things: Time, Context, Energy and Priority. This makes sense, because the reality of life is that any little interruption can easily destroy your precious schedule.

Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

I have always thought that the word hipster was a kind of insult. It was used to imply that some people are trying so hard to be cool and hip, that they end up becoming a cliche. The writer of this article knows this and demonstrates it clearly.

“Hipsterdom is the first “counterculture” to be born under the advertising industry’s microscope, leaving it open to constant manipulation but also forcing its participants to continually shift their interests and affiliations.”

More evidence of hipsterdom are in the article’s comments without capitalization. Poor kids today. Thank god I’m not young anymore.