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Usability Highs of Mac OS

When you use Microsoft Windows all your life, this list post from Smashing Magazine will not seem so convincing because good UI design in the Windows/PC users minds means “power to the user”. This comes from the geekish nature to have a sense of control when using a computer, but after using a Mac for 7 to 8 months, I understand that I don’t need to click next 20 times to install an application. The users’ input should be asked for, but not every process a computer runs needs the users input. 

There are 10 “usability highs”. My personal favorite is #6:

6. Fitts’ Law
Essentially, the famous Fitts’ Law says that users are more productive with the mouse when they have less distance to travel and a larger target to click on to do their tasks. Mac’s design engineers have incorporated this rule in their design: almost all application menus are attached to the top of the screen, rather than to the applications’ windows. It improves the usability and reduces screen clutter. Compared to other user interfaces, regarding Fitts’ Law Mac performs better.