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Do Social Networks Bring the End of Privacy

Scientific American tackles the privacy issue in the online world. You can view the issue of privacy in two ways: 1) Private Property, No Trespassing or 2) You can Look but You can’t Touch. The online social networkers use the second one as their mantra. The way I define privacy is: a secret that if revealed will deeply affect my self worth. But as I get older, I find that I’m having less and less secrets like that. I’m not threatened by gossip anymore. The moral of the story is that young people should be careful with what they publish online.

Solve the Writing Blockage Mystery Like a Master Detective

This a great and very fresh tip on writers block, specially for the op-ed essayist out there.

What Makes a Good Blog

43Folders’ Merlin Mann makes a list of his personal criteria of good blogs. I like #6:

Good blogs are weird. Blogs make fart noises and occasionally vex readers with the degree to which the blogger’s obsession will inevitably diverge from the reader’s. If this isn’t happening every few weeks, the blogger is either bored, half-assing, or taking new medication.