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HBO have always done these clever promo commercials for their next upcoming batch of movies. A reason they’re clever is their use of song snippets, which are usually not well known songs. The exception was the song Clocks by Coldplay. But Clocks is a great example of the typical songs they use. They’re big time “earworms” and they wont leave your head until you find and hear the song in its entirety. It drives me crazy, specially when I don’t know which artist the song is from.

Their latest commercial promoting films like Michael Clayton and Bee Movie, have this short and arousing song snippet that sounds to me like a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song. Of course, I searched and searched the Google, but didn’t get close to solving the mystery song. I discovered that I’m not alone though. This has happened before. A lot of search results are actually questions like “what’s that song on hbo commercials” asked in places like Yahoo Answers and numerous forums. But these are questions from 2007 and most of them are unanswered.

Eventually I just gave up, looked for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Show Your Bones CD, “cranked” it in the laptop, and eliminated the earworm for the time being, because I know that when I see and listen to the commercial again, it’s gonna crawl back up in my head.

If anyone has any idea what’s the name and/or author of the song, leave a comment. It sounds very much like the band in the video below.

The official band video -with the hipster looking band in it- is in this link.