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I found this blog, and this specific blog post, through Broacasting Brain. The outcome of the project is simple: a great opportunity to promote your blog and increase your traffic. I have participated before in something like this over at Problogger and mostly what you get are “drive by” hits, but it’s a good opportunity to network and discover other interesting blogs, and really, what have you got to loose. 

Out of the first 40 or so that I’ve checked, the ones that have caught my eye are:

Someday Syndrome

Fresh Focus 


The Civilized Life

Do You Breathe Google?

The Spinning Donut

I’m going to keep lurking around these sites and finish going through the comments of the post later. So if you have a blog, go check it out and participate. There’s nothing to loose and the worse that could happen is getting “drive by” hits.