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Activision CEO: Labels should Owe Guitar Hero, Not Reverse

As games, I have nothing against Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but I don’t like how they’ve been influencing music consumption, specially among young people. I find it kind of creepy that a career highlight for a band is having their song on these games. And I accept that the music industry is broken right now for being so controlling, but I’m totally against what Robert Kotick, the CEO of Activision/Blizzard proposes. From the Wired article:

“When you look at the impact [the game] can have on an Aerosmith, Van Halen or Metallica, it’s really significant — so much so that you sort of question whether or not, in the case of those kinds of products, you should be paying any money at all and whether it should be the reverse,” said Kotick. “The bulk of our consumers will tell you they’re not purchasing the products based on the songs that are included, they’re purchasing based on how fun the songs are to play when they’re playing them.”

I you’ve seen the film Idiocracy you’ll understand why I find this a little ‘tarded. Soon there will be colleges in Costco, handjobs in Starbucks, and Brawndo will buy the FDA.