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I subscribe to five Gawker Media blogs: Kotaku, io9, Gawker, Lifehacker, and Valleywag. I used to be subscribed to Gizmodo, but I stayed with Engadget and figured out that if Gizmodo publishes a breaking story, it’s a safe bet that I’ll catch it on Digg or other social media “grapevines.” 

According to this post from Warren Ellis, from this post from Walking Vixen(maybe NSFW) “Gawker publishes posts every fifteen minutes during weekday work hours”. That’s pretty insane. I always knew that this online blog publishing company posted a lot of content, but I never sat down to figure out the numbers. This awareness has made me realize that these five blogs are a big part of the bulk of my google reader feeds. This has also made me look at the “Trends” section in Google Reader, which I haven’t looked at in a while. I think looking at your subscription trends should be part of a weekly review, if your like me and like to add subscriptions every other week or so.

Looking at the “Trends”, I would say that these five Gawker Media blogs are 80% of the content on a weekly basis, and I subscribe to 100 feeds. Of course, I can never catch up with them, specially with Kotaku. But even though it’s insane, I enjoy skimming and I really, really love io9. Warren Ellis explains the Gawker Media magic:

And I guess that that’s the genius of the Gawker system. Sit on the main Gawker site all day and you’ve got a rolling bullshit channel. Just leave it up there and hit refresh every now and then. As Waking Vixen points out, it may not particularly repay intensive and involved writing — but in a Burst Culture condition, anything longer than 500 words, an mp3 or a bit of YouTube on a blog is probably overdoing it anyway.

I’m considering un-subscribing from Kotaku though. I’m not even that hard-core of a gamer, but I’m not sure yet. Sometimes if find pop culture fodder like this.