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New Star Trek Movie is Intentionally Cheesy

There is no doubt that every Trek fan can’t wait to see the new Star Trek film that’s coming out next summer.  Every Sci-Fi fan for that matter can’t wait to see it. Why? Because we’re curious to see  J.J. Abrams‘ take on the original series. Why does Abrams matter you ask? Have you seen a little show called Lost? Fringe? A film called Cloverfield? He’s the ultimate uber-geek darling. He has managed to make Sci-Fi cool again. But he’s not as “geeky” as people imagine him to be. Entertainment Weekly has him on how he has approached the Star Trek project:

At heart, Abrams is still more of a Star Wars guy. ”All my smart friends liked Star Trek,” he says. ”I preferred a more visceral experience.” Which is exactly why he accepted Paramount’s offer in 2005 to develop a new Trek flick; creatively, he was engaged by the possibility of a Star Trek movie ”that grabbed me the way Star Wars did.” 

A lot of people that love Star Wars are geeks, but not everyone that loves Star Wars is a geek. Apart from being an unapologetic Apple fanboy, he’s just a disciple of good storytelling. In his Ted presentation, the Mystery Box, he reveals a lot of how his mind works, why Jaws isn’t really about a shark, and his fascination with “question mark”-style narrative.

Let’s face it, Star Trek is for capital letter NERDS, not geeks. It probably will never be cool, because it’s really more about science, than about fiction. It’s so nerdy, there’s even social sciences thrown in there, with the Prime Directive code and all that. That’s why I been excited about Abrams’ Trek film. He was maybe the only guy that could make Stark Trek cool, in a Kevin-Rose-Hipster-Geek kinda way. But these photos came out, and I can’t say I disagree with io9’s rant. Here is the problem they see:

The biggest problem with a new Trek is one we fingered months ago: nostalgia. And the 1960s original series is the most overloaded of them all — it’s like some sixties band that played Woodstock, which has two of its original members left and goes around doing the classic songs. People will throw beer bottles if the band doesn’t do the song from the truck commercial, the one everyone knows the words to. Trek is like that — Star Trek is Country Joe and the Fish.

I still believe that we should wait and see, but it’s already failing to appeal to the “kevin-rose-hipster-geek” type and to the classic geek type alike. Lets see if we can get through those mini-skirts.