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Classic Horror Movie Trivia

Watching horror movies on Halloween night is like eating Turkey on Thanksgiving and opening presents on Christmas. I always look forward to putting myself through a good old scare for a couple of hours during the night.

I also like dressing up, but it doesn’t seem to be as much fun to do it now and it could get really scary and even dangerous when you live in a place filled with uncivilized animals. 

So a good old horror movie is a nice thing to do with the family.

That’s why I’ve been enjoying Neatorama’s series of posts about classic movie trivia. For a lot horror movie fans this will be old news, but there are a lot of interesting factoids that I didn’t knew about. 

This one is about the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Gunnar Hansen [the guy how played Leather Face] had to wear the same shirt for the entire month of filming. It couldn’t be washed, because the color might change and provide an inconsistency. So he wore it for four weeks in the same conditions noted above – Texas heatwave, lots of fake blood and gore, etc. By the end of the shoot, no one would eat lunch with Hansen when he was in costume because he smelled so bad.

And this one is a really odd one from A Nightmare on Elm Street:

Disney was one of the first companies to express interest in the film, but asked Wes Craven to tone down some of the violence and gore. He didn’t think that was in the best interest of the movie, so he held out. New Line Cinema picked it up and it really launched their company – prior to Nightmare, it was just a film distribution company.

They included a lot of films that are considered the canon of classic horror movies like The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and of course Halloween, but they criminally didn’t mention Friday the 13th.