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pause-button-2This an impromptu and a not so much polished post. It’s mostly things I have been giving attention to and where I think the blog is headed. It’s sort of my absentee excuse and a reminder to readers to not forget about TND.

Music. I want to write more about music, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it in such a way that’s different and worthwhile. 

Movies. Same goes. How can you stand out in a world of enthusiast Amazon.com reviewers.


Books. Ditto

Pessimism. I’ve been feeling a little bit pessimistic about a lot of things in my life, including this so called blog, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job. If you look at my older blog, you can see that I’ve come a long way. This is actually the longest time I’ve been blogging and writing.

Responsibility. I think I should be a bit more responsible with my readers, even if I have only 10.

Rant Blogging. I’m going to be a little bit more careful before lambasting the “social media enthusiasts” with my theories against their utopian views about web cooperation and participation. Even though they’ve been my best posts in terms of reaction and visits, I don’t want to give the idea that it’s my final word. I’m no “thought leader”.  I’m an introvert, not an antisocial. Really, I’m a nice guy.

New Categories. I need to add categories like Web. I been throwing them in the Technology category, but they seem a little misleading. I’m not exactly a gadget or software freak and I don’t cover web startups.

Self Hosting. I plan in the future to do the self hosting thing, have an original design, and the whole nine yards, but not yet. I think I should wait a couple of more months.

And thats about it for now. There’s still other stuff in my head, but it’s not yet fully formed.