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According to Wikipedia, a curator or, a keeper of a cultural heritage institution, is a content specialist responsible for an institutions collection[.] The curator will make decisions regarding what objects to collect[.] Technically, the blogs that I mention on this list don’t have to do anything with “curating”, not in that sense, but these guys have created the art of link curating. They could be called “keepers of our internet heritage” and they do make decisions to what objects to link to.

Of course, today anybody can do what they do, but nobody can do it quite like them. Anyone can start a “link blog”, but it’s easy to notice that most of them don’t think to much about what they link to. You can tell that there’s not much thought behind it and they’re just filling their daily quota of posts. 

These are not just link blogs either. They are not novelty blogs. I know most people would think of a site like Boing Boing as “that site that links to wierd, bizarre, and offbeat things.” A WTF news blog. That’s true to some extent, but they also expose you to things that really do matter.

To sum it up and get to the list, these sites, blogs, or whatever you want to call them, are a great blend of culture and entertainment. A great mix of lowbrow and highbrow. And overall, they offer value. So here goes the list, which by the way is my first ever list post:

5. Neatorama

Neatorama is very similar in spirit and ethos to Boing Boing, but I think they have their own particular taste going on. What the BB misses, you can bet that they will catch, and I mean that in totally good way.

4. Laughing Squid

Not to be confused with the web hosting service, the Laughing Squid blog is one that I enjoy very much. They’re big promoters of culture initiatives. Here is their FAQ page.

3. Daring Fireball

Not technically a link blog, but when John Gruber links, you can be sure it’s a “web gem.” And also: If you call yourself a fan of all things Apple and don’t read DF, you’re just another fanboy.

2. Kottke.org

Kottke is the perfect example of what you can call the art of link curating. He has this perfect taste and sensibility to what he links to. He doesn’t oversell the link if it’s not needed. His about page is the best about page I have ever read, ever.

1. Boing Boing

These are simply the masters. The veterans of linking. They’ve been doing it for the longest time and that’s why they are one of the most popular sites on the web reaching #4 on Technorati. And really, any list of the best link blogs has to mention them.

Extra mention:

Give Me Something to Read

Give Me Something to Read is not a blog exactly. At least, not like the top five. It’s a site that uses the Tumblr platform where the most frequently bookmarked articles on Instapaper are linked to. This is one of my recent favorites sources where I find a lot of my Food for Thought Links.

So that’s it, for now. If you think there are other sites like this that deserve a mention, don’t doubt on letting me know through the comments or through email.