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crossI’m a year late, but I’m sure this album is still as relevant today as a year ago.

Let’s start by saying that I really don’t like dancing. I don’t like the idea of needing to move your body in some synchronized movement to enjoy music. So I’m not really a fan of dance music. You will never catch me listening to a beer sponsored artist like DJ Tiesto for example. But good music is 80 percent emotion and 20 intellect.


Justice’s Cross is the kind of album that will have you saying, “Jesus fucking Christ, this is truly fucking amazing” and be totally aproppiate. That’s the way it hits you. It sounds like a cheap thing to say and something anyone would say to sum it up. But hear me out. Every word in that statement is completely apt when describing french electronic duo Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge.

Listening to Cross is like going through a spiritual journey. It’s a religious experience. It’s scary, sexy, and even humorous. Their visual esthetic is even more rock n roll than dance. They look like more like Metallica in their pre And Justice for All days with a Black Sabbath vibe.


I don’t know absolutely anything about making any type of dance or electronic music, but to my ears it sounds nothing short of a masterpiece. I can’t tell you how cleverly they are slicing and dicing sample sources, but it’s very eclectic in it’s sound. It doesn’t get monotonous like most typical dance music does. There’s breathing room for that 20 percent part of intellect I mentioned earlier.

By now, everyone must have heard the song D.A.N.C.E. and seen the clever video with the t-shirts. But that track, with it’s kindergarden chorus of “1 2 3 4 5ise”, is part of Cross’ sense of humor. Opening track Genesis is like Michael Jackson’s Thriller meets Aphex Twin. Most descriptions of Justice is that it’s dark, heavy, and metal sounding, but tracks like DVNO and Tthhee Party are very far from that and are actually fun a lighthearted.

Of course the two part song epic Phantom is the album’s stand out. It’s loud, has disco strings, and it’s guaranteed to give you chills down your spine. Stress is simply a schizophrenic nightmare. Pitchforkmedia said that this track is “like bieng cock-slaped in the face”. I don’t know about that, but something is definitely going to hit you figuratively and maybe, literally.

If you want to have a truly visceral experience, listen to Justice’s Cross. If you want to listen to dance music, listen to DJ Tiesto.

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