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How to Get Good

Ever wonder why the question of “what to do with your life” keeps popping up? It doesn’t matter if you believe or not that everyone has a “purpose” in life. The questions will keep rising until we either define it or find it. It’s really an existential problem. In my view, the closest thing to finding your “purpose in life” is when you’re content of the choices you didn’t make. 

The two most common ways we try to solve the problem of what to do is: 1)Doing what we Love and 2)Doing what we’re good at. But if only if it were so simple, right?

The post I linked to above is from Unreachable Code, a blog I found via Marco.org. It deals with the problem of the two common advices when dealing with the question of what to do with your life. That is: Do what you love or Do what you’re good at. It doesn’t tell you how to find it and I agree when he writes that “no one really knows”. But instead, he offers the idea that once you find something that you love getting good at, that’s something you should consider exploring. He writes:

Ask yourself if you enjoy any activities to which you would be willing to dedicate 10,000 working hours, in order to get good. Would you spend 10,000 hours learning to write a good novel? And by learning, I mean writing rejected crap, only gradually emerging into respectable material, let alone great art. Seriously, 10 years, all your working time, just writing books no one reads. Could you do it?

This is important, because you are going to be bad for a long time. Any pleasure you get at simple participation is going to die quickly in the face of your ineptitude, particularly if you try to go professional. No one wants to hear what a good time you’re having. Imagine a doctor shrugging off a failed surgery with “Well, I enjoyed it, so whatever.”

This perspective helps a great deal.