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rightamericaRight America: Feeling Wronged – Some Voices From The Campaign Trail is a documentary done by Alexandra Pelosi, sister of Nancy Pelosi. It’s a film that follows the campaign trail through the so called red states. I don’t follow politics that deeply, but I know that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is viewed by the ultra conservative as a liberal witch lady that likes killing babies or something. So since this is a film done by her sister, the biggest complaint and criticism is that this is another attempt of the “liberal media” at making the conservatives look bad. Many of the interviewees throw this argument at her. One of them had this to say:

“The way the press handles the election, we feel like our side’s never being really represented, never really given a fair shake,” says one man. “It’s almost like they think of us as a bunch of hicks, a bunch of idiots. And they don’t even wanna hear our side or understand us.” 

Fair. It’s a completely valid argument and it’s what drew me in to watch the documentary. I wanted it to shatter my pre-conceived notions and the stereotypes that the “liberal media” has sold me. But what it got me was freaked out that there are actually people that are completely unapologetic about their racism. And these are not old white grandpas, but young people. People that believe that FOX news is balanced. People that doubts Obama’s religious affiliation. 

There’s an interview over at Salon.com with Alexandra Pelosi discussing the film and she warns that we shouldn’t focus on the crazies that say that Obama is the Antichrist. She believes she was fair and there are hundreds of “sane and normal people” that just simply disagree with Obama’s politics. It’s true, but those sane and normal people, don’t give any reasonable argument that isn’t an ideological stance. That is, they cling on to issues like gay rights and abortion like it’s the only conservative stance that’s going to save the country. Alexandra explains that the people willing to talk on camera are a certain kind of people, and that the intelligent and reasonable are less willing to talk, but that’s not a good reason to justify, excuse, and tolerate racism and flat out stupidness.

I’m sure the “left side” has it’s crazies too. There are probably people that believed that if McCain won, he would take us to WWIII. Politics is just a faux-civilized form of tribalism and it tends to bring up the ugly side of people. But I don’t believe this was a battle of the liberals vs the conservatives or right vs left. This was a battle of practicality vs ideology and this time practicality and reason won.