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Since I started this blog, I’ve always been ambivalent of adding a “blogroll”. It’s a mix of having many reasons to add one, but equally many not to. Since the web is a giant cacophony of links, why add more to the noise? That’s the reason the whole blogroll thing has lost it’s popularity. People stopped caring for what someone links to on their sidebar because it transformed into a giant bucket of blogging buddies. It turned into a nuisance, with bloggers opting instead to get rid of it, making link pages, linking to their google shared items, or even drop blogging altogether and creating an account on Digg or Twitter.

But still,

I can’t think of a better way to give a sort of homage and to show people where your attention goes to on the web. Sure, I can make a type of showcase post (see Top 5 Link Curating Blogs) but it will be lost in the black hole that is the Archive. I can make a link page, but why add more complexity to the blog. 

Since the word “blogroll” brings a lot of debate on it’s purpose, (read the comments in this Problogger post) I still believe it’s a nice gesture when it’s honest and authentic.

*The way I named it, Blogs I Read on Consistent Basis, and the links, are subject to change of course. So if you happen to drop by do check them out.