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twitter-hashcloudsThe recent attention Twitter is getting by the mainstream media is starting to feel a little weird. Like when everyone starts listening to that indie band that you like, but you just think is alright. The hyperbole is unbearable. One reason why it feels a little tiresome is because for some of us that have been using the service for a while, we heard it all already. The hype, the criticism, etc. It’s like it’s 2007 all over again.

But of course not everyone follows the tech-web world. Not everyone has heard it all. For some that have just taken their first look at Twitter, they’ll find it either ridiculously stupid or awesomely useful. It’s that polarizing. That’s part of it’s mystique I guess.

It takes a while for people to figure it out. First people go through the love-hate argument of the value of sharing mundane events, then there’s the speed of news argument, then there’s the marketing potential argument. There all justifications. Defenses. The irony is that most of these arguments are taken to blogs.

My stance with Twitter is the rare middle of the road stance. It’s useful, but it’s not the best way to communicate with people online. It’s easy, but -pun intended- it has limits. It’s fast, but there’s nothing profound about that. In the end, when you figure it out it, the reality it’s a little sadder.

Twitter explained:

1000 people talking. 3 listening. 5 replying. 10 retweeting.

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