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royal-tenenbaums3The Substance of Style

Love him or hate him, Wes Anderson has established himself as one of the most influential movie directors of all time. The above link takes you to the video transcript of the first part of a five part series examining the influences of Wes Anderson’s films. Here’s the intro:

With just five features in 13 years, Wes Anderson has established himself as the most influential American filmmaker of the post-Baby Boom generation. Supremely confident in his knowledge of film history and technique, he’s a classic example of the sort of filmmaker that the Cahiers du cinéma critics labeled an auteur—an artist who imprints his personality and preoccupations on each work so strongly that, whatever the contributions of his collaborators, he deserves to be considered the primary author of the film.

Looking forward for the next parts in the series. I’m particularly interested in his music influences. For me, he redifined everything I thought about The Who.

Be sure to check out the video.

via Kottke.org