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food-for-thought*Since this week has been a big Twitter week, todays’ weekend series of Food for Thought Links is dedicated to the little bird.

Twitter dot dash (reissue)

Author Nicholas Carr over at Rough Type reposts his impression of Twitter back in the day. March 18, 2007 to be exact. Here’s a snip:

Narcissism is just the user interface for nihilism, of course, and with artfully kitschy services like Twitter we’re allowed to both indulge our self-absorption and distance ourselves from it by acknowledging, with a coy digital wink, its essential emptiness. I love me! Just kidding!

Via Azspot

Let Them Eat Tweets

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what’s the take away message of this NYT op-ed. It talks about the theory that poor people are more apt to use services like Twitter and other online social networks. Here’s that idea:

“Connectivity is poverty” was how a friend of mine summarized Sterling’s bold theme. Only the poor — defined broadly as those without better options — are obsessed with their connections. Anyone with a strong soul or a fat wallet turns his ringer off for good and cultivates private gardens that keep the hectic Web far away. The man of leisure, Sterling suggested, savors solitude, or intimacy with friends, presumably surrounded by books and film and paintings and wine and vinyl — original things that stay where they are and cannot be copied and corrupted and shot around the globe with a few clicks of a keyboard.

Not sure about that, and as Rex Sorgatz observed over at Fimoculous, this week with CNN, Ashton Kutcher, and Oprah jumping on the bandwagon demonstrates the complete opposite. It’s still an interesting read nonetheless.

Some Real Rules for Using Twitter

Steve Hodson from WinExtra says “have some fucking fun”. Really great guide with no marketing scheme bull. Here’s him explaining some Twitter fallacies:

Twitter isn’t about how many people you have following you. Even though some would suggest that not having a proportionate number of followers to the number of people you follow I would say screw ‘em. Just because you have decided that it is more important to be following, and learning from people instead of conniving people to follow you doesn’t mean you are a spammer or some Twitter reject.