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J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

J.J. Abrams guest edits the May issue of Wired Magazine and turns it into a puzzle. He talks about how spoilers have ruined storytelling, the importance of mystery(of course), the Age of Immediacy, and playing Mario Bros 2 without the ability to save the game. Here’s a tease:

People often ask me how Lost is going to end. I usually tell them to ask Damon Lindelof andCarlton Cuse, who run that series. But I always wonder, do they really want to know? And what if I did tell them? They might have an aha moment, but without context. Especially since the final episode is a year away. That is to say, the experience—the setup for a joke’s punch line, the buildup to a magic trick’s big flourish—is as much of a thrill as the result. There’s discovery to be made and wonder to be had on the journey that not only enrich the ending but in many ways define it.