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food-for-thoughtWhy Are People So Stupid: A Deep Philosophical Inquiry

We think that intelligence is what has made us survive and evolve in this world, but stupidity has a lot more to do with it. Our advantage and “top of the food chain” status has been made possible not because of our “logical brain” that plans and formulates theories, but because of  the “dumb brain” that reacts to instincts and emotions. Like the essay mentions, “stupid people breed”. Here’s a snip:

Stupidity does not hamper reproduction! Stupid people breed. Stupidity may in fact help our ability to reproduce quite a bit. Anyone who has ever gotten married, had children and later wondered – why did I do that anyway? Oh yeah, that’s right, I was really stupid – can attest to the helpful effects of stupidity on the mating, dating, and attraction process. Not thinking clearly is very helpful in making the whole mystery of chemical attraction seem worth pursuing.

This essay is long and divided in three parts, so bookmarking is highly suggested. Simply hilarious and genius.

Positively Misguided: The Myths and Mistakes of the Positive Thinking Movement

“Think positive. Look on the brightside. Don’t doubt yourself. Believe in yourself”… if all this stuff is starting to sound like blind optimism, well, it mostly is. The Skeptic Magazine article examines the positive mental attitude(PMA) movement and demonstrates why it has done more harm than good. Here’s one of the reasons why they think so:

The notion that the riddle of success is more easily solved by attitude than aptitude may be one of the more subtly destructive forces in American society. Not only is it a reproach to rational thought, but in a society already veering ominously towards narcissism, this “hyping of hope” also erodes reverence for hard work, patience, scholarship, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, due diligence and the other time-honored components of success.

*Note. The link doesn’t take you exactly to the article. Click the featured article link, or scroll down some.

Big Entertainment Wants to Party Like It’s 1996

Cory Doctorow on how the Government and entertainment industry are secretly making internet regulation laws to combat piracy and copyright infringement. 

The entertainment industry wants to retreat to the comfort of 1996. It was a good year for them. CDs were selling briskly, but no one had figured out how to rip them and turn them into MP3s yet. Music fans were still spending money to buy CD versions of music they owned on LP. DVDs had just been released, and movie fans were spending money to buy DVDs for movies they already owned on VHS.