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millionaireAn Interview with Hugh MacLeod, Cartoonist

Lateral Action asks Hugh MacLeod some questions. He’s the cartoonist and the man behind the Gapingvoid blog. I particularly liked what he had to say about the belief that artists that market themselves are “evil”:

“Artists cannot market” is complete crap. Warhol was GREAT at marketing. As was Picasso and countless other “Blue Chips”. Of course, they’d often take the “anti-marketing” stance as a form of marketing themselves. And their patrons lapped it up.

The way artists market themselves is by having a great story, by having a “Myth”. Telling anecdotal stories about Warhol, Pollack, Basquiat, Van Gogh is both (A) fun and (B) has a mythical dimension… if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have had movies made about them. The art feeds the myth. The myth feeds the art.