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The Management Myth

A tale of a management consultant’s disappointment with management theory and his decision to study philosophy instead. Matthew Stewart, the writer of the Atlantic article, goes through the management literature, from Taylorism to “information based organizations” and exposes what they truly are:

Each new fad calls attention to one virtue or another—first it’s efficiency, then quality, next it’s customer satisfaction, then supplier satisfaction, then self-satisfaction, and finally, at some point, it’s efficiency all over again. If it’s reminiscent of the kind of toothless wisdom offered in self-help literature, that’s because management theory is mostly a subgenre of self-help. Which isn’t to say it’s completely useless. But just as most people are able to lead fulfilling lives without consulting Deepak Chopra, most managers can probably spare themselves an education in management theory.

The “science” of management is pretty much smoke an mirrors. Don’t know why there’s so much to look into when it all boils down to people that control your paycheck and have the power to fire you.