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Blogging For Dollars

Over at Boing Boing there’s a piece by Clay Shirky called “Blogging for Dollars”. In it, Shirky debunks the WSJ article that alleged that “1.7 million bloggers are profiting from their work” and making 75k year incomes. Here’s the intro:

Picture you chillaxin at home, flipping through stories on Digg, and just cold bloggin’ those links. It’s fun to share your opinions about Susan Boyle or the coup in Antananarivo, but can you do it for a living? Mark Penn and Kinney Zalesne say yes! The co-authors of the book Microtrends, put together a Wall Street Journal story about a hot new microtrend, blogging for dollars, and the news is good: “It takes about 100,000 unique visitors a month to generate an income of $75,000 a year.” Sweet, no?


Don’t know what the authors of the WSJ article where thinking. See also this post by Business Insider.