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This book costs $8,539.00. One of the reviews say:

It was great while it was working. I had gotten up to chapter 3, the aforementioned ‘hardly knew ye’ chapter, when suddenly the pages went blank. I tried closing it and re-opening it and nothing. I let it sit for about an hour and when I re-opened it it briefly worked – I could see the letters, but they made no sense – and then went blank again. I called tech support and they said they’d never seen this and maybe I had the book upside down or something. I assured them I’d read plenty of books and knew which way was up. They had me close thebook, open it, flip through the pages… but nothing helped. Finally they agreed to let me return it for a replacement. I had asked for a refund, but they said “you know too much already” and said a replacement would require wiping a portion of my brain. I was not about to agree to that. We’ll see how the replacement works…

via Clusterflock