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The Seven Types of Bookstore Customers

A really peculiar and comprehensive list of the types of bookstore customers. Matt Blind over at Rocketbomber outlines them in 7 categories which are Seekers, Idiots, Grazers, Browsers, Campers, Independents, and Time Sucks. I think I’m a mixture of the Grazer and Browser but I rarely buy coffee at a bookstore. Here’s a description of the Camper type and one sub-type:

They rattle the doors before we even open. They rush in, as soon as we unlock said doors, and then make a bee-line for their prefered corner. They complain we don’t have enough chairs, or tables. They Suck. Prominent sub-types:

Entrepreneurs. Dude. If you have a concept, and a business plan, and an iPhone, and you’re still trying to run it from a table at the bookstore cafe? Yeah, I know we’re in a recession and all but you’re not a start-up. You’re a con artist, and the first person you conned is yourself.

via Kottke