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videogamethemovieThis is a concept story about how a movie called Videogame: The Movie got made during the Atari craze, was released in the 80’s but it was a total box office failure, and then got remade into a Nintendo game. It’s written so realistically (even checked IMDb) that it made me second guess if this truly happened.

VIDEOGAME: THE MOVIE featured a 7-year-old Jonathan Brandis in his first starring role, ten years before he would appear as Lucas on SeaQuest DSV (he was best known at the time as Young Kevin Riley Buchanan on One Life To Live). Jill Bennett (Jacoba Brink in For Your Eyes Only) and Ed Flanders (Dr. Westphall of St. Elsewhere) played his parents; however, the credits only list their character names as “Mom” and “Dad”, and that is indeed the only way they are addressed throughout the film.

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