The Fierce Idiocy of “New!”

An angry but brilliant rant against blogging’s 101 rule that says that we should always be posting “new content”. Philalawyer argues that we should just get rid of the term blogging and just be websites. For him this should be left to the “link-dump sites, the Perez Hilton and Gawker wannabes and people posting “Have you seen THIS in the news? This is what I think about it! And check out these photos my new exotic fish!” exclamations.” Strongest point after the jump:

Whether something’s “new” or “breaking” is a concern for newspaper writers seeking scoops. There’s no reason on Earth a website creating general entertainment bits or comedy should feel any obligation to flood its pages with constant new material. If what’s written in the site is written well, and timeless, the site should work like a book. The reader can click in, scan the volumes of text and read what he or she likes. The only reason website content producers feel the need to crank out “New! New! New!” shit every day is because they’ve decided, for reasons beyond me, to compete with the 90% of bloggers who do nothing but grab hot stories, comment on them and link other comments about it from people in their network of friends. That’s not an audience – that’s an echo chamber. And lumping that stuff in with actual writer-created material is a horrible confusion of content with amateur editorializing.


via Hacker News