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Where is Everyone?

Excellent article describing the history of how information and news has been transmitted since the 1800 to today, and how it will probably look in 2020. Here’s a snip of how it was back in the day:

In the 1800, the only way you could really interact with other people was to go out and meet them. It was all about face-to-face communication. If you wanted to sell a product, you would go to the local marketplace, where you would setup a stand. But this also meant that the only way for you to get information – or to give information back – was to be at the right place at the right time. You didn’t really know what happened in another part of the city, nor could you sell your products to people in another place.

Some people did talk about this new thing called the newspaper. But it wasn’t really the same. You had to meet people in person. That was the only good way to interact.

People in the 1800 were really weird. Face-to-face communication? That’s just so ancient and gross.

via Snarkmarket