Twitter Litter

Kottke gives a guide on what seems to be the formula on how sites track “popular Twitter links” and I think it’s spot on:

1. the time it takes to read/view the link (shorter is way better)
2. if the subject of the link is Twitter or Facebook
3. the sense of outrage aroused in the reader (the more the better)
4. if the link was published by fucking Mashable
5. retweets by popular Twitter users who have many parrot followers (i.e. disciples)
6. how interesting the link is

Short addendum that’s perhaps related:

Out of the many articles I have read about Twitter, I liked the one that quoted one of the founders saying that he wished people stop talking about Twitter and just use it. That’s when they’ll know if it’s really successful. I guess all new technologies and mediums have gone through that period, but Twitter is a little particular because it’s been 3 years of “how great is talking in this place we get together to talk”. It’s stuck in a “justification” period and that’s why the users are more interested in stories of the “why’s” and benefits of using it.