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SuicideDogThe Allure of Crowd-Sourced, Single Topic Blogs

Slate’s overview of single topic blogs that are mostly photo Tumblr blogs like This is Why you’re Fat, Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves,  the infamous Look at this Fucking Hipster of course, and many, many more. They’re popping up every day like chickenpox.

“Every week, two or three new such single-themed pages seem to break into the Web’s consciousness. When I put out a call for such sites on Twitter, I got back a list of more than 30, including It’s Lovely! I’ll Take It! (ugly photos from real estate listings), Awkward Family PhotosOwl TattoosSad Guys on Trading FloorsCake Wrecks (snaps of misguided cakes, like these hysterectomy-celebrating, uterus-shaped ones), and Asleep on the Subway(“Because seeing people fall asleep on the subway is a universal language.”).”