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Why There Are So Many Tech Blogs, SEO, Social Media, and other Consultards

1. You get fired from your job, are about to, or you’re just stuck in a dead end job. No promotions, no pay raise. Zip. Zero. Nada.  You figure that if everyone can start their own business, you can too. You start thinking about an idea that can make you money.

2. Since you’re a n00b about business, your first bump in the road is the business paradox that you need money to make money.

3. Oh the sweet internet with it’s infinite possibilities! This is where every desperate entrepreneur ends up. There are literally zero costs to start a website so you solved the paradox problem. You start the brainstorming for an idea.

4. Since your purpose, goal, and agenda is to make money, you start looking at things that can be potentially monetized.

5. You make another of the millions of websites dedicated to the technology field with google ads and other undistinguished advertisements.