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The Three Biggest Reason Music Magazines are Dying

In sum, the three reasons the Slate article states are as follows: 1) There are fewer superstars. 2) They have less to offer for true music lovers. 3) Online social networking. 

Many readers who are otherwise passionate about culture have little time for music writing, irritated that it speaks in abstract, jargon-stuffed language about ostensibly mainstream entertainment. Movie and TV reviewers can talk about plotlines and acting; video game reviewers can talk about graphics and game play. Music writers are charged with describing more ineffable things, and the frequent result is a pile-up of slang and shorthand references, purplish gushing, and tedious emphasis on lyrics. Even when the writing crackles, for every reader who is confronted with a culture-moving enigma like the Jonas Brothers and hungers for someone to come along with a magnifying glass and fine-toothed comb, there are those who insist that pop just isn’t worth the effort—there’s dancing about architecture, you see, and then there’s hyperventilating about crap.

via Fimocolous