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Popmatters has been running a feature called Pixalated Brains and New Media which are a series of articles that deal with the web, reading, our short attention spans, online social networking, and many other digital concerns, worries, hopes, and dreams. I started with Scratching the Surface: Your Brain on the Internet via Metafilter. Here’s a snip to the intro of the series:

There’s a great deal of concerned talk, talk, talk out there about our shortening attention span, and it seems our demise (because let’s be frank – the overall tone is that whatever is happening to us is bad for the species) is all thanks to the advent of New Media. You know, all those pixel bits of blog entries, TV news quips shouting at us between blaring 30-second commercials, three-line gossipy blips under BIG PICTURES in glossy mags, proper grammar and punctuation lost to text messaging, sound bytes bouncing along the airwaves at varying decibels …  Via these methods we nibble from an array of fast foods for thought, taking from what’s presented that which we like, eschewing the rest and flitting off, or perhaps Twittering off, to the next pretty shiny thing.