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The Grownup’s Guide to Indie Rock

“I think the main thing that happened,” said Jay Babcock, “was that you have a lot of kids today who grew up with their parents’ record collections — good record collections. Not everybody was embarrassed by their parents. And when they listened to that music, they wanted to reproduce it in their own terms. … English music festivals like the Green Man show last summer had Joanna Newsom and Robert Plant. It’s not an aberration that people like to sing the old music. That’s what people do when they sit around the campfire — they sing old songs. The Paleolithic people probably used to do it.”

I didn’t. I hated my parents’ music and can’t think of a larger gap than Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix. Babcock thought for a second. “Yeah,” he said. “But another way of looking at it is that maybe that’s the only generation where there was such a gap.”

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