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The first single for the upcoming soundtrack and film, Where the Wild Things Are, is out. The track is by Karen O and the Kids called “All is Love”. Sweet and cute and obviously apt for the film. You can listen to it here.

Radiohead performs “These are My Twisted Words”, the tracked purposefully leaked some days ago. They play it live at Austria’s Frequency 2009 Festival. To be honest I’m not digging this song as much. Half the track is instrumental(up to 2:38 to be exact), and this worries me because Radiohead are at an age and point in their careers where they can turn to the dark side of jamband-ism.

Pitchforkmedia completed their list of the top 500 tracks of the 2000’s with an unexpected song at #1. I guess it does define the decade, but Wilco’s “War on War” could be there as well. (Currently searching if that song is there at all.) But it’s not even in the list.

via P4K

*Tapenoise Buzz is a working title for an ongoing series I’m thinking of doing here on a daily, every other day, or weekly basis. It will be experimental because I just don’t want it to be another ad hoc list of “hey, listen to to this music” type of thing. It’s something that is subject to change or dropped. So no promises.