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A Grand Bargain Over Evolution

Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God, wrote an op-ed for the NyTimes in which he discusses the never ending war between science and religion and other issues.

There are atheists who go beyond declaring personal disbelief in God and insist that any form of god-talk, any notion of higher purpose, is incompatible with a scientific worldview. And there are religious believers who insist that evolution can’t fully account for the creation of human beings.

I bring good news! These two warring groups have more in common than they realize. And, no, it isn’t just that they’re both wrong. It’s that they’re wrong for the same reason. Oddly, an underestimation of natural selection’s creative power clouds the vision not just of the intensely religious but also of the militantly atheistic.

Totally agree with that. He was also recently on the Colbert Report promoting his book.