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In the latest This American Life podcast, the theme was “Frenemies”. The idea was about people that stay in friendships that are awful. Basically people that have friends that are almost their enemies. Thus frenemies. The story of note was about the video embedded above. It was made by Rich Juzwiak and he tells the story of what compelled him to make the video.

This video gives me an excuse to say something that’s been on my mind. While it’s a harsh thing to say and something that people would hold on to saying in real life, (the irony couldn’t be more poignant) most people think of saying that and say it in more subtle ways. It happens in jobs for example. But another place it happens is in the “social media sphere”. It’s not as blunt as “I’m not here to make friends”, but using social media to give advice about social media, is like people smiling and shaking your hand while holding on their other hand a copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.