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Lawyer’s Unemployment Benefits Yanked Over $1 A Day From Blog

If you get paid by ads, those are legitimate earnings that you have to report in your taxes. But technically, a Blogger is not a legitimate job title. At least when it concerns a government agency like the Department of Labour and Human Resources. Karin, a lawyer who lost her job applied for unemployment benefits and reported her whopping Google Adsense earnings of $238.75. She was denied the benefits.

Unsure whether Google was considered her employer, Karin called the DOL to get an answer. She says a state official told her she shouldn’t have claimed the AdSense payment as income because it was “residual,” meaning a payment made for services previously rendered. New York does not regard residual income as employment pay that could make someone ineligible for unemployment benefits.

Not to sound like an Acorn employee, but if you earn $101 from Google Adsense in three months, I think it’s safe to not report that when applying for unemployment.