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According to this blog from Primera Hora, one of the Puerto Rican online local newspapers, We’re the Wild Things Are is not showing in Puerto Rican theaters until January. The reason for the delay is because supposedly Warner Bros studios considers Puerto Rico to be one of the major piracy centers in the region. While you can’t deny that we have a piracy problem -and I’m not sure about the island being a major piracy center; the Dominican Republic gives us a run for the money in that area- this is a completely stupid way to fight piracy. People who really want to see it are now going to have a “moral justification” to search the torrentz and by January the film will probably be on DVD.

I think I’m taking the blog author’s suggestion and write to the only theater franchise that’s on the island. If you happen to be from Puerto Rico reading this blog, here are the emails for Caribbean Cinemas: