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In Defense of Ebook Readers

Marco Arment defends the single use of ebook readers like the Kindle which is “just for books”. There are strong opinions floating around that if these devices don’t pony up and add multi-functionality, they will probably die.

I don’t expect the ebook-reader market to be the next hot thing. But it’s also not a fad, and it’s not going away. These are great devices for reading, even if you need to use one before you’re convinced, and any objection to their current software limitations is likely to be temporary.

I agree with Marco for the most part. But I also agree with Kottke that the single use shouldn’t just be focused to reading books, but for reading in general.

I haven’t though through all the issues, but I have thought about purchasing a Kindle in the future and not being able to read blogs, magazines, or newspapers hasn’t pushed back the consideration. At least till now. That’s because I love books. I wouldn’t call myself a bookworm, but my bookshelf right know is full and I’m sure I’m not going to stop buying the things through my lifetime. It just makes sense to me the same way the iPod made sense. It just isn’t sustainable. If your not a serious collector or Harvey Pekar, filling your space with stuff, even if it’s stuff you love, is crazy.