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Confessing that you had a GeoCities page, is like confessing that you liked Poison in the 80’s, but it’s hard to deny that it was an exciting time. Poison and GeoCities. And without the cheesy pages and the opportunity GeoCities gave for people to experiment with online publishing and broadcasting, social networking and blogging wouldn’t look and be as it is today. From the Slate article:

Even the fact that GeoCities inspired a lot of terrible Web design doesn’t seem so terrible in retrospect. The site gave people tools to do amazing things with a few quick clicks—without much in the way of training, anyone could add music, animation, graphics, and other HTML wizardry. We can blame GeoCities retroactively for not exercising a little more control. But that’s only because in the age of blogs, YouTube, and Twitter, we take for granted our power to broadcast anything to everyone. Put yourself back in 1996. Imagine you’ve just pitched your tent online, and you’ve been given a blank page and 15 megabytes to tell the world about yourself. Think about how intoxicating it must have been to be able to do that for the first time. Wouldn’t you, too, have gone a little heavy on the blinky text?