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I saw Inglorious Basterds the other day. I thought it was ok. Christoph Woltz played an absolute brilliant son of a bitch as Col Hans Landa(The Jew Hunter). Not Tarantino’s best film though. Being that Tarantino films are pop culture spit balls of movies within a movie, I missed most references in this one. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen as much World War II movies as I’ve seen Kung Fu or crime movies.


I’m reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano and following people’s impression over here and here. I’m reading the original Spanish version and it’s a little bit longer, but surprisingly I’m ahead of schedule and finished with the first part. So far so good. It has a very Lynchian ambience.

I’m also reading Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. This book could either make you insecure about your feelings about past, present, or future events or can turn you into meditation.


I’ve been listening to Vampire Weekend’s Contra, though not as much as I listened to their debut. Still spiffy and quirky, but whoever produced this album didn’t give too much thought to track sequencing. It’s a slow starter.

The other one is Spoon’s Transference which makes sense because people who bought Contra bought this one. I haven’t listened to it much, but my first impression was “where are the tunes man?”. Spoon has always been kind of minimalist with their song structures, but is more monochromatic. It kind of teases you with a great chorus soon to come, but it never comes.


I’m probably buying an iPhone. I’ve been in a serious need of a new phone for a while. People who sometimes call me know what I’m talking about. Let’s see what all this hoopla about mobile computing is all about.