After using the Write or Die web app for some days, I finally decided to get the desktop edition. Write or Die is a word processing program that lets you set up a word goal in a certain allotted time. If you don’t reach the word goal, stop, or slow down during a writing session, some bad things happen. All depending on the way you set it up and customize it of course. It has three different consequence modes: Gentle, Normal, and Kamikaze. Kamikaze being the most evil. It erases your words if you stop writing for a certain time.

The desktop version has some extra goodies. It keeps track of your stats, which is something I like a lot. When you finish a writing session you have many saving options like saving it to a text file or to a blog. I like that it shows you a progress bar representing how many words you have compared to how much time you have left. That’s better than having to look down at the clock and number of words. It gives me visual comfort without loosing track.

This and more stuff about the app are explained in this screencast. This writing tool has really worked for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants or needs to write on a consistent basis.