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Millenials and Post-Modernism in TV Comedies

Interesting post on how the Millenial generation consumes media and why self-referential shows like 30 Rock are their biggest demographic.

Aside from being a meta-narrative about TV shows, which is about as reflexive as you can get, 30 Rock features a few product placements that involve characters breaking from TV-world to directly address the audience in efforts to get them to buy a product. There are three examples in this clip, my favorite being the last, where Tina Fey says, “Can we have our money now?” following praise of Verizon Wireless. The audience is made aware that she is not only an actress on a fictional show, but that advertisers pay money for product placement, instead of writers organically putting  a reference to a product in a show for comedic value.

via Fimoculous