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Directors Cut: Hot Chip: “I Feel Better”

Pitchfork chats with the video director of Hot Chip’s I Feel Better. If you haven’t seen the thing, it’s one of the most WTF music videos I’ve seen in a while. It starts out as some kind of boy-band parody video and ends up with a head shooting lasers out of his eyes. Peter Serafinowicz, who voiced Darth Maul in Star Wars The Phantom Menace, explains some of the ideas behind the video.

I like the idea of taking something we’re all used to seeing– like a boy band music video– and totally destroying it. So I wrote this proposal and included reference images I found on Google– to illustrate the bald guy in the video played by Ross Lee, I used pictures of Mr. Burns from the “X-Files” episode of “The Simpsons”.